OT: Semi-functional scope?

From: LordTyran <a2k_at_one.net>
Date: Tue Sep 21 21:03:46 1999

> However this helps lordtyran not one bit.

*Smile*. No, but it is interesting.
> Likely the problem he has is twofold, lack of experice using O'scopes
> and possibly a major balance problem due to internal misadjustment or
> component failure. We also have no idea if this is a low end recurrent
> sweep 5mhz cheapie or a triggered sweep cheapie. this would influence
> what suggestions could be made.

The first is most definately true. AFA component failure I ahve no idea.
There is a metal can on the back of the chassis that has a bit of rust on
the outside, but peeking inside it looks like it is on the the transformer
(the metal is just shielding I guess) because I don't see a transformer
anywhere else. There isn't any rust anywhere else on the chassis
fortunately. As for the kind of cheapie it is, I have no idea... it's a
rebadged Heathkit sold as a "Bell & Howell Schooles Oscilloscope model
> Allison
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