trackstar revisited

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Date: Wed Sep 22 16:01:17 1999

got off work early and hit the thrift stores. got to the one by my house and
checked it out. found the first model ps/1 but missing the required monitor.
looked at a nondescript box and noticed it said trackstar on it! it's a
trackstar plus, designed for ps/2 model 25 and 30. it's complete with all
cables and manuals. looks like it wasnt even used! the compatibility list is
quite extensive too. only cost me $3 too. some of the features are:
128k, runs //e and //c apps.
complete graphics support.
network support. (store programs on network server)
ability to store apple disks anywhere.
create prodos volumes up to 10meg anywhere.
ascii xfers dos<>apple
1mhz /2mhz operation
joystick connector
ability to use either unidisk or disk ][
supports dos printer
toggle between apple and dos anytime

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