trackstar revisited

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 18:02:14 1999

<By model 30, does that mean the all in one units kind of like a fatheaded
<early mac? I've got one of those with a color monitor and 286, nice little
<box, although I haven't looked inside for expansion etc.

No, the PS2/m25 and m30 were ISA the PS2/m40 and m50 286 version was MCA,
different bus. it was the m25 and m30 that were the inexpensive XT class
machines eith 3 ISA slots and a thin case (~4"). As XTs go they were
turbo (8mhz) and well made. The rest of the PS2 line was MCA bus (better)
and incompatable at the card/bus level with the then PC world.

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