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> Got an urge to go to a thrift I haven't been to in a while and found
> what was labeled as a 3270 PC. Brought it home and opened it
> up. Looking at the boards inside I'd guess it was a 3270 PC as the
> label said. No keyboard or monitor. I'm guessing it used different
> ones than the normal PC. It has a hard disk, but have to pull it to
> see what type first and 2 half height 5.25" floppies. Not sure what
> software is on the drive. Anyone tell me anything else about this?
> Such as where to locate a keyboard and monitor, what each of the
> boards might be, etc. I can go into some detail on the cards if
> need be. Half appear to be normal drive controllers and serial port,
> etc. Then there is one with a BNC connector and two others that
> have a small jumper board between them. Should I even keep it?
> Hmmmm....

Ive one as well. Just a regular old 10meg xt with additional goodies to
connect to mainframe. runs like a 327x mainframe console. a special monitor
and keyboard were used. there may be a dongle plugged into the keyboard port;
you can unplug that and use a standard xt keyboard. you'll get a 30x post
error, but you can continue. some of the cards were for connecting via twinax
(IIRC) and the special video modes that were required when you ran emulation.
My 3270 machine has a regular old MDA adaptor so that was no problem either.

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