ultrix wanted

From: Colan Mitchell <cdrmool_at_interlog.com>
Date: Thu Sep 23 06:58:33 1999


I don't have the software but I do have a copy of Digitals Primer for
Ultrix; "A Little Gray Book: An ULTRIX Primer" for version 4.0 and up. It
includes the exciting appendix B which is "coming to ULTRIX from VMS".
Kept me up at night :-)

        If you get the software let me know and we can swap copies.


On Wed, 22 Sep 1999, paul yaskowski wrote:

> hello,
> does anyone know where i can grab myself a copy of ultrix? i have a
> vaxstation3100 here, and netbsd is still unstable on it. is there
> somewhere i can purchase it at? or perhaps someone has an old copy of
> it? thanks for any replies in advance.
> !p
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> "i hear digging, but i don't hear chopping!" -- homer
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