Further Inventory Liquidation

From: Max Eskin <max82_at_surfree.com>
Date: Thu Sep 23 19:26:46 1999

Everything must go in a few days, otherwise will be thrown away. Some things
are too small for me to take the trouble to ship individually, but will ship
two or more; they are marked "NS". I will ship to the people who ask for the
most items at a time. Prices are 1.2*shipping. Some classic stuff, some more
modern. Something for everyone, please look through entire list. Please note
also that some disks may have rotted, and I can't be responsible, but to the
best of my knowledge, they work.

Visicalc 16-Sector for Apple II /II+ 48K, leather binder w/manual
Macintosh SE Owners' guide (NS)
Opened e-World package (NS)
Apple // DOS Programmer's Manual (NS)
Apple // ProDOS Programmer's Manual (NS)
Apple ][ Basic Programming manual (NS)
Bank St. Writer Plus for 128K, IIe, IIc, IIGS
TML Pascal II (complete devel. system for Macintosh)
About 50 untested apple ][ disks, some of everything

Microsoft MS-DOS Shell users' guide v 1.0 (NS)
Xerox Ventura Publisher 2.0 and 3.0 (in same box, dunno why)
Xerox Ventura Publisher 1.0 (orig. manual, copied disks)
15 360K disks of old utils, will only run on older machines (Boston Computer
Society library copies)
Guide to Operations-PCjr with intro disks
copies of GEM Desktop (4 disks) and GEM write (2)(NS)
OS/2 2.0
Guide to Operations PC XT (several IBM PCuser's guides mixed together)
ZSoft PC Paintbrush +
Harvard Graphics 1.0, Not all disks work!
IBM DisplayWrite 5.0
MS Flight Simulator (No version #, I assume 2.0, I haven't gotten this to

IBM 5250 Information Display System MAP's, Parts catalog, Maintenance
information manual (a data terminal used w/System 34)
Secret Guide to Computers, 10th ed. V2 (Hassles With Basic)(NS)

C-64 Geos/QuantumLink users' guide 1.2 (cover damaged) (NS)
Commodore Spring 1987 catalog (NS)
Space Rogue for C64 (copy + photocopied manual) (NS)
Fire King for C64 (copy + photocopied manual) (NS)
Word Writer 6 for C64 (entire package, decent word processor)
F-14 tomcat for C64 (copy + photocopied manual) (NS)
The Rubicon Alliance for C64 (NS)
Solo Flight for C64 (NS)
WordStar made easy, 2nd edition (a tutorial, 150 pg.)
C-64C Introductory and System guides
Commodore 300 bps modem (model 1660)
Misc. C-64 games and utils (about 25 disks, some useless, most work,
generally classic games)
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