St. Laurent, Quebec: Enemy of Classic Computing

From: Doug Spence <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 02:44:25 1999

On 23-Sep-99, Zane H. Healy wrote:
>> A computer recycling firm is suing the city of St. Laurent for
>>$36 million, saying the municipality destroyed millions of dollars
>>in computer parts when it sent backhoes into the company's
>> Backhoes broke through the garage doors of A1 Vente Ordinateurs'
>>building on Stinton St. on Thursday morning, the lawsuit says.
>>The machines then used their shovels to scoop up computers stored
>>inside and drop them into waiting dump trucks.

><Cringe> There goes a LOT of DEC gear!

And a lot of other stuff, too! :(

>If the following works it will give an idea of what they had:


>Note, that URL might note be intact :^)

It was intact. That's quite a big list of stuff! This pisses me off.

>On the other hand they're not someone I would do business with. I do
>not do business with SPAMMERS. I've been spammed by them before after
>posting in a DEC newsgroup. They also regularly SPAM newsgroups.

I've never received SPAM from them, or seen their SPAM, and I wish I had
because they're local to me and I would have checked them out.

A BBSing friend of mine went there and picked up some stuff for his
Amiga a couple of years back. Apparently they had quite a few Amigas
when he went there, as well as an NEC 3D monitor which handles all of
the Amiga's screen modes, external SCSI CD-ROM drives, etc, all of which
would have been useful to me, but I lost contact with this BBSer and I
never found out where the store was located until a week ago. (Too busy
at first, and I had an idea that the place was farther away and harder
to get to.)

Now it's trashed before I could check it out. :(

Just looking through the "junk" outside would have been fun. Maybe I
could use computer panels as siding on the house! :)

>Still, all that DEC hardware gone :^(

I've wanted my own MicroVAX ever since I saw one at a friend's house. I
don't know what model, etc, but IIRC it was a massive tower with cooling
fins and he was running VMS on it.

Anyway, I'll have to check out the A1 stores to see if there's anything
interesting left (if they're even still open for business). Hopefully I
can still enter the land of confusion with a MicroVAX and VMS. :)


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