IBM 3270 PC

From: Mike Allison <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 09:53:51 1999

hat's interesting because mine has a 10MB drive buit in. I didn't think
they came without HDs because they needed the terminal software, etc...
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From: David Williams <>
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Date: Friday, September 24, 1999 8:42 AM
Subject: Re: IBM 3270 PC

I think I've seen the monitors before too. I may have seen the
keyboard once long ago. But I already have an IBM PC which I
use to play around with CP/M-86 so wasn't sure if I wanted to keep
this. Of course the PC is a PC and not an XT. It doesn't have the
hard drive on it so maybe I'll use this one as a CP/M-86 machine

On 24 Sep 99, at 8:33, Mike Allison wrote:

> I sometimes see the monitors. They're VERY obvious. They are large with
> an oversize square-ish case and a built in swivel stand. I'm not looking
> at the monitor right now, so I forget what the plate says on it. But it
> also has a big red toggle switch. You can see them from miles away.
> Again, I believe there are other adapter plugs on the board, so other
> monitors would work...
> I've been running CPM-86 as well as other weird stuff on it. It's real
> IBM so that early software runs well and correctly on the 3270...
> -mike

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