PDP 11/70's for sale

From: McFadden, Mike <mmcfadden_at_cmh.edu>
Date: Fri Sep 24 10:50:14 1999

All of the PDP 11/70's I have seen seemed to sprawl to fit all of the
available space with a few peripherals on the floor or on a cart nearby.
The PDP 11/70 that I used the most between 1977 to 1982 was configured in 4
bays and a RP04.
Bay 1
CPU with 2 8" floppy drives above
Bay 2
expansion chassis with 2 DZ11 terminal multiplexors
and TU58 cassette tape
Bay 3
4 RK05 drives
Bay 4
TU10 tape drive

The RP04 sat next to the CPU. For RP04 backups we carried the disk packs to
another building and made a copy.

Initially the system disk was one of the RK05 drives. Each users programs
were on another RK05 and our data was swapped in and out on the two
remaining RK05's. When we first received the RP04 we configured it to look
like multiple RK05 drives to fit our software and database scheme.

We considered the 11/70 a "hot machine" especially after the PDP 11/35 we
had originally. It was a race horse and had 320 K words of memory!!! We had
6 programmers, 1 operator, 2 Versatec plotters and a Printronix P300 on the
system. Each user had their own VT52!!!! Later we had several VT100's.
Compiles took less than 1 minute. OH for the glory days.

We collected microbiology data from PDP 11/05's and PDP 11/04's on cassette
tape until we started using the 8" floppies. Each PDP 11/05 or 11/04 had a
VT52 with an internal wet paper printer.

Mike McFadden
026/029 card puncher, assembly programmer, Fortran programmer, datatrieve
programmer, hardware guy, VT05 user, VT52 user, VT100 user, PDP 15 user, PDP
11/20 user, PDP 11/50 user, PDP 11/35 user. Interdata 7/32 user, Interdata
8/32 user, Old computer user
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