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Date: Fri Sep 24 12:55:42 1999

>Does anyone know of a company that is still setting external RF Modulators?
>This would be used to hook up the video output of a Apple ][ series
>computer to a standard TV. I know I could use a VCR, but i'd like to
>have a RF Modulator...

I picked up my latest Jameco catalog, and they've got two RF modulators
available. Both are switch selectable for Ch 3 or Ch 4.

Part No 135191 takes an 8VDC power supply, and is $3.95.

Part No 141639 takes a 12VDC power supply, and is $4.95.

For more info, see http://www.jameco.com/

I seem to recall a header connector in the Apple II specifically intended
for supplying modulator power. If this has 12VDC on it, you're set!

Jameco also has some other Apple II parts availble, including a replacement
II/II+/IIe power supply (Part no 22269) and a IIGS power supply
(Part no 85518).

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