PDP 11/70s For Sale

From: Allison J Parent <allisonp_at_world.std.com>
Date: Fri Sep 24 21:17:13 1999

<The only problem with that plan is that with a CPU card (say, a KDJ11-A),
<memory and serial lines courtesy of an MXV11-B, and some sort of disk
<controller like an RQDX3 and the power draw crowbars the power supply.
<At least it has done so on every BA11-VA that I've tried...

I've always run out of slots before running out of power.

the 11/23 (m8186 dual) plus two MXV11s and a RQDX3 does work if you don't
mind using a tu58 to boot it!

<Well, they certainly aren't *typical* pdp-11s with a boot console that
<can be programmed like any other, or interrupts which work like other
<ones, and the console takes lots of code to emulate a VT100, that's for

For the pro350, not so for the PDT11/1xx.

<they also have a *64*Hz clock... In RT-11, the clock interrupt service
<drops one clock tick out of every 16 -- so it only processes 60 clock
<ticks a second... :-)

Someday the hardware boys will get it.

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