trackstar revisited

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 17:51:46 1999

On 22 Sep 99 at 20:31, Allison J Parent wrote:

> Ok... by the book:
> PS2/m25 is a 8086 (xt class) with 3 ISA slots and floppies
> PS2/M30 is the same with a hard disk.

 There was a PS2/8530 XT and a PS2/8530 AT. I have both machines.

> That and the trackstar board was only availabel as ISA that I can find
> data on. They were most commonly seen around here in Tandy 1000sx/ex
> machines.
> the PS1/m25 is 286 as are a slew of other PS1 ISA models but they
> are somehow modeled as PS1 members of the PS2 family of PC systems.
> Now we have a subspecies of a species I guess.
> Bizzare but they are all 85xx-xxx! So much for consistant naming.
 To my mind the PS/1's all had a 2xxx-xxx designation. I have a 2011
which is a 286. The monitor unit contains the PSU. It also had a built-in
2400 modem. The 2021 is virtually identical but IIRC had more memory.
 I also have a 2123 and a 2133 which were 386's.

> <BTW, all PS/2, many PS/1s, some Aptivas, any IBM machines were good
> <made quality-wise even case components and circuit boards.
> I have a PS2/25 (8530-001) and a PS2/m50z 8550-061 and they are certainly
> well made and easy to work on. A lot of people like the ps2/m25s as they
> were ISA and fast for XT with good video and a nice small pizza box.
> the ugly ones (to some) were the integral monitor varients.
> Allison
 I have 5 other PS/2 MCAs , my favorite being the 8580 which introduced
the PS/2 line, MCA, and VGA . A full tower built like a tank which could be
dissassembled in a minute with a dime. It cost $10,000. bare.

ciao larry

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