DEC Hardware Service clueless types

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sat Sep 25 08:11:36 1999

> He swore there was no compatable Qbus interface
> for the laser printer till I showed him a LPV11 with a LPV180 cab kit!
> There was the many examples of unsupported but works.

Hell, the LPV180 was on my 11/03 at home. It was a standard part.
There are still folks in Field Service who didn't realize the varied
number of offerrings in DEC's line up.

(Watch someone who thinks the LS120 they're being sent to repair is
an LA120. BZZZTTTT. Thanks for playing. Please try again when you
have a clue...)

Not to mention the third party goodies like the accelerator boards
for the la36 that put 'em in permanent catch up mode...


      Three things never anger: First, the one who runs your DEC,
      The one who does Field Service and the one who signs your check.
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