IBM PS/2 Model 25

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sat Sep 25 09:29:55 1999

Go to and there's all sorts of info
on it there. If you go to a separate controller ard and drive you can
put most any SCSI, IDE, MFM, RLL, etc 3.5" drive in the bay. The built
in controller is somewhat limited, especially in the 8086 version of the
machine. The 286 and 386 SX versions allow a little more ut still you're
best off with a separate controller. I work PS/2's all the time, so if
you need a lot more info or help you should probably drop me a note
direct/off list.

MsBaca wrote:

> Hi! Just bought an IBM PS/2 Model 25 and Im looking for some info on
> it. I.e docs..And I have a few questions. Can I get a bigger HD for
> it? Currently it has a 20mb HDwich I figure is standard. Is it
> possible to compress it? About how far can I upgrade it? And finaly:
> The screen "Display" is rather small.. But I cant find any knobs or
> anything to ajust it.. Any Ideas? Or am I just stuck with it.. Sorry
> for all the questions.. Michael Sunbear(*)

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