Boxed Apple ][c+ anyone, maybe?

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Sat Sep 25 11:31:50 1999

>There's (maybe still) one up at the Veteran's Thrift on Beach Blvd
>(Jacksonville, FL) It was $30... (I bought the unboxed one for $4) If
>someone wants it, let me know and I'll swing by and see if its still

The last boxed one I bought proved to be a lightly used unit that was
carefully put away in the original boxes. It wasn't complete, usual stuff
missing, and the packing was as expected given the repeated storage use.

Passing on just about ANY sealed box old product isn't a good move
financially, but I don't think the value is too extreme either. If I saw
one, I'd buy it at that price, but only to speculate as I have no personal
interest in owning computers I don't plan to use. I have a friend, who
claims at least to have every model of computer Apple sold commercially in
this country in the original sealed boxes, except for a Apple 1, which he
also has, just not in original packing.

Don't buy it for me, buy it for you, but don't expect more than few hundred
in profit.
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