Further Inventory Liquidation update

From: Max Eskin <max82_at_surfree.com>
Date: Sat Sep 25 16:16:24 1999

Following things still not sold:

Opened e-World package (NS)
TML Pascal II (complete devel. system for Macintosh)
About 50 untested apple ][ disks, some of everything

IBM 5250 Information Display System MAP's, Parts catalog, Maintenance
information manual (a data terminal used w/System 34)

Secret Guide to Computers, 10th ed. V2 (Hassles With Basic)(NS)

C-64 Geos/QuantumLink users' guide 1.2 (cover damaged) (NS)
Commodore Spring 1987 catalog (NS)
Space Rogue for C64 (copy + photocopied manual) (NS)
Fire King for C64 (copy + photocopied manual) (NS)
Word Writer 6 for C64 (entire package, decent word processor)
F-14 tomcat for C64 (copy + photocopied manual) (NS)
The Rubicon Alliance for C64 (NS)
Solo Flight for C64 (NS)
WordStar made easy, 2nd edition (a tutorial, 150 pg.)
C-64C Introductory and System guides
Commodore 300 bps modem (model 1660)
Misc. C-64 games and utils (about 25 disks, some useless, most work,
generally classic games)
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