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From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sun Sep 26 12:33:07 1999

>Hello -
>I am a relatively new collector and new to the list, so this may be a
>naive question - please excuse. I would like to get my hands on
>either/or/and a PDP-8/?, PDP-11/?. Where does one look - keep an eye on?
>Can you point me to places to watch or even places that list places to
>watch? Any help would be appreciated.
>Thanks in advance,
>Dr. Randy M. Kaplan
>publisher, knowldgWORKS News
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I think most of us are looking for PDP-8's, I know I'd love one for my
collection :^)

As for -11's, they're not that hard to find, IF you're willing to spend six
months to a year looking you should be able to put one together that's
fairly complete fairly cheaply. BTW, I recommend a Q-Bus based PDP-11,
they're easier to work on, and take up less space usually. When I got my
first 3 PDP-11's, it took me about 6-8 months before I was actually able to
run one of the /73's, as I needed to find additional stuff. The /44 took a
lot longer as I needed to find both parts and spend a lot of time cleaning
it up.

If you're not willing to spend that kind of time, but are willing to spend
a lot of money, look at eBay, or a DEC dealer.

While looking for the actually hardware, you can play with the software in
emulators. There are several good ones, the best is a PDP-8/e emulator for
the Macintosh that even includes frontpanel emulation.


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