DEC Design and implementation

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sun Sep 26 17:36:28 1999

> >Was it the hardware boys or was it the marketing types who said,
> >"Don't put that in. It will steal sales from the higher commission
> >and higher priced xxx machine."
> I'm sure it was a marketing issue.
> >I can't believe hardware guys were responsible for single sided RX180
> >drives and the really lousy RX50's.
> Hindsight is something, isn't it... Not that I know any better, but
> what else was there *at the time the design was made*?
> Megan Gentry
> Former RT-11 Developer

Than the RX50's. Everything.
One head two disks. Seek delays. RX50's were designed to maximize

Than the RX180s.. They were Sugart SA400L's. There were already double
sided 96 track drives coming out. Using double sided 48 track
drives were common in the Kaypro's and other CP/M boxes at the time...
The signal should've been made available for double sided.


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