FS: Panasonic Sr. Partner computer

From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_pechter.dyndns.org>
Date: Sun Sep 26 17:49:30 1999

> I have a Panasonic Sr Partner portable computer that I just picked up if
> anyone wants one. I haven't tested it but I did plug it in and turn it on
> and it does come up asking for a boot disk. I don't have any software or
> docs for it so I'm selling it as is. All the fold up covers and legs are
> there and are intact. It even still has the original power cord in it's
> cubby hole in the back. It also has a printer built into the top of it.
> Also FWIW the back is marked "US Sailboard Team". I'll take $35 plus
> shipping from 32765 for it. E-mail me directly if you're interested.
> Joe

This machine should run dos through PCDOS 7, MS DOS 6.22, and DR-DOS 7.
The thing's basically an XT with an Epson Graftrax MX emulating
thermal printer. The CRT's a CGA on monochrome monitor (shades of green).
Kind of slow, but it does work.

I've got one here as well.

I've got the original DOCS (basically a DOS 2.11 manual for the OEM'd

Mine's in nowhere near the same condition -- but if anyone's interested
let me know. It's got a WD8003 ethernet in the open 1/2 slot so it's


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