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From: Peter Pachla <peter.pachla_at_vectrex.freeserve.co.uk>
Date: Mon Sep 27 09:35:15 1999

Hi again, I've been unable to send e-mail reliably for a while due to system
problems....so anyone waiting for email (Sellam in particular) you'll be
receiving something during the next 24 hours or so.

Anyway, I'm after a couple of items which I was hoping someone in the UK could
help me with.

First of all I've gotten the Apple bug again and want to get my Apple ///
going. It seems to work, but without a set of boot discs it's just so much
scrap....so can anyone point me at a source of said discs please?

Also, I have an HP-150 which I'm after a hard drive for. I did have a couple
of offers from the US last year, but due to system problems I lost touch with
the person concerned....that said shipping would've made the cost prohibitive.
So, does anyone in the UK have a unit that's up for grabs?


  TTFN - Pete.

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