Fixing a PET?

From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 17:11:49 1999

Tim Shoppa wrote:
> While on the topic of replacing "classic" VLSI chips, are there any
> FPGA's still available in 40-pin packages anymore? I've seen PGA-to-DIP
> adapters, but those are a bit clunky (and overkill!)

Heck, it's hard to even find any decently large ones in 68 or 84 PLCC.
I've been tempted to get in the business of buying big FPGAs in die form,
and having them custom packaged.

I guess I must design atypical stuff. Apparently (judging by the standard
FPGA products), most engineers seem to need zillions of I/O pads and not
so much logic. My designs seem to be the opposite, and none of the FPGA
vendors address this.

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