HI! Im new to the list...

From: Todd Jaspers <ToddJ_at_symresources.com>
Date: Mon Sep 27 17:44:25 1999

        Hi, im new to the list, I don't know how busy this list is, but if
it's anything like the Fiero list.. there should be at least 100 emails a
day. In any case, let me say a little bit about myself... or at least the
computers i've had. I used to collect old computers. While I gave most of
them to my roommate, I still have quite a few old ones..

1) KayPro PC-10.. two 5.25" drives, 20mb ST-225/RLL, Herc Monochrome.
2) KayPro 2 - Huge portable CP/M beast...
3) KayPro laptop
4) Leading Edge 386 SX-16
5) IBM PCjr - Fully loaded with drive, 128k mem, all games ever made on
cart, and color screen.
6) Amiga 500 with two monitors. 4 shoeboxes of games.
7) Atari XEGM
8) Commodore 64
9) Commodore 128/SX (one of three prototypes ever made, and I took it apart
and thew it away because I had no idea it was worth anything. Got it from an
ex-Commodore worker)
10) Atari 1040ST

Are any of these really rare? Im a big fan of KayPro computers but don't
really have very many. I actually gave away my laptop because I had too much
junk lying around. I still have the PC-10 (first real computer) but it's
stored away in the basement of a house we are leasing out in Northern

1987 Pontiac Fiero SE / V6
1985 Pontiac Fiero GT
1984 Pontiac Fiero 2m4 SE
1982 Pontiac TransAm V8 "Smokey & The Bandit III Edition"
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