HI! Im new to the list. Kaypro '99..

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Date: Tue Sep 28 01:42:31 1999

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>Perhaps the attached 'history' will help.

It helps much. Thanks for taking the time to find that history and post it.

I am convinced to start my KayPro Web page now. There are plenty of free
Web servers out there.

I have a real soft spot for the KayPro and I sense there are a few others
that do also here. Time somebody starts a dedicated Web site to honor these
hard working machines. Besides, you never forget your first one! :-)

If anybody has any scanned photos or can scan some sales brochures etc. ,
please send them to DD950_at_prodigy.net . I have nothing KayPro left here
except a leather cover for the 2X-84. I paid $75 for it in 1984 and used it
only to take the machine home LOL. Sure seemed like a good purchase at the

More of the history is needed and very welcome. I think Kaypro started as a
test instrument company under another name and that is were the standard
"portable" cases came from for the CP/M machines. ?? Also the history of
MicroPo and the rise and fall of WordStar should be included here if anybody
will or has written something up. I think it is also an interesting story.

This will be a group effort and perhaps we can make the Web site a bit of
the home page for this mailing list with pictures of the contributors etc.


??? <-- KayPro graphics, remember them?
Jim Rossbach

"640K ought to be enough for anybody."
( Bill Gates, 1981 )
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