Kaypro Computer History

From: Jim <DD950_at_prodigy.net>
Date: Wed Sep 29 00:29:18 1999

Here is an article on the disposition of some KayPro property in 1995:

http://www.sddt.com/files/library/oldbriefs/00000069.html Former Kaypro
Property Sells For $2.7 Million - Tue 24-Jan-1995

I am enjoying reading and saving all the KayPro info for our Web page. I
hope you fellows don't mind your posts being posted again on a Web site?

I do need some of you proud KayPro owners to scan some of the books and send
me the KayPro Logo for the page atleast.

Please send all the photos of KayPro you can!


Jim DD950_at_prodigy.net

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But, on the other hand, what the heck!" ( Computer game magnate Les Crane,
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