VT340 help

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_freegate.com>
Date: Wed Sep 29 20:28:58 1999


I am trying to connect a VT340 (A version, still looking for a G2!) up as
the console on my VAX3800 in the BA213. What I need to figure out are the
setup controls to do this.

I have an DEC MMJ-MMJ cable, which if I connect from the console port MMJ
connector to the VT340 COMM1 MMJ connector, it does not seem to work.

If I use the same cable and connect it to the MMJ to Female DB25 connector
and plug that into the RS232 port of the 340 it does work.

I've tried setup where it says "comm type" and changed it from RS-232 to
DEC-423 but that didn't have the expected effect.

Clues anyone? Do I need a special MMJ "null modem" type cable or something?

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