floppy controller IC (was Re: Fixing a PET?)

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Date: Thu Sep 30 00:23:32 1999

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> I think that you are confusing DSHD and 96tpi which are not necessarily
> the same thing.

You might be right (about my confusion) ;>)

> Most DSDD disks will format to 96tpi (720k on 5.25"),
> even the generics. But I have yet to successfully format a DSDD (360k)
> to 1.2mb or a DSHD (1.2mb) to 360k.

ISTR formatting DSHD diskettes to 360 KB in an emergency (we're talking
IBM-type pcs here) but only after hitting them with a bulk tape eraser to
wipe them clean, and then using the proper DOS FORMAT parameters . . .

Then again, I've been wrong before ;>)


Glen Goodwin
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