Commodore favourite pre-Windows system

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Date: Thu Sep 30 10:54:30 1999

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>> There's a poll at on what is your
>> favorite "pre-windows" system. At present the Commodore
>> 8-bits are in first place with the Amiga in second.
> those numbers have got to be bogus. probably some shills involved. there were
> way more apple ][ series computers made than amigas, yet the numbers are
> really skewed...

Well, only four or five kilofolk have actually voted so far.

One source of skew could be that former Apple II people are probably less likely
to be using a Windows-95-oriented web site than former Amiga people. Another
could be that Amiga is more recent, and many voters might be too young to have
had a real appreciation of Apple II.

FWIW, I considered voting for PET - the system I grew up with - but went for
Other instead (I really like the Tek 4050 series).


PS For the record, I wouldn't have visited the site at all had it not been
mentioned here.

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