Freguson Big Board and Big Board II

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 21:02:47 1999

Have any of you guys got definitive and detailed information about these early 1980's single-board computers?

I've got a pile of them with very little doc and none on the BB-II. I'd like to determine whether any or all of these babies work before I offer to give away stuff that's totally useless because it's broken. Several of these have been hacked extensively and I'd like to restore them to their minimal but functional configuration.

Further, the BB-II has a SASI interface which would, if it worked, help me to sift through a pile of SASI bridge controllers. All in all, that would be a REALLY big help.

I also have come onto rumors that there are published hacks to the BB-I which bring it up to speeds comparable with the -II version. Any help with that would be appreciated as well.

thanx in advance,

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