Opening the Sun Lunchbox (411 Style Case)

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Date: Thu Sep 30 22:49:50 1999

might be a screw in the upper back center. take that out.
towards the back on each side in the upper piece is a catch.
push the case in at these points and lift up. now take it outside
and blow the dust out. ( i dunno, every IPC and IPX I
have opened was real dusty)

any scsi drive should work. if it is a Barracuda, i would
be careful about installing it internally. heat and power
and all that. might work though, i've seen it done.


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> Hi -
> I wonder if someone could help me - I have two questions.
> I recently acquired a SPARCStation IPC. I have it up and running.
> The IPC's peripherals come in these lunch box style cases, "411"'s.
> 1. Can someone tell me how to open these cases?
> 2. If I have a Seagate SCSI Drive, would that be compatible with the
> IPC?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Randy
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