Possible treasure haul...help?

From: Ernest <ernestls_at_home.com>
Date: Sat Apr 1 13:25:05 2000

Yeah, I agree. I got into a situation where a guy knew that I wanted a
particular item in his collection of junk, and he told me that I could have
it for "free" if I took some other junk with it. I agreed, and before I knew
it, he was dumping everything he could into my truck, except the item that I
wanted. He was one of those seemingly dumb, country bumpkin types that
turned out to be quite a bit sharper that me. We ended up getting into an
argument about it -and how I felt that he was taking advantage of me. He was
to infuriating for me to try to talk reasonably with, so I told him to
forget the whole thing, and I started to take his junk out of my truck. He
wouldn't take it back, so I shrugged, and said "OK."

I got into my truck, drove to the end of his dirt road, and dumped all of
his junk right in the middle of his driveway.

The moral is, make an exact agreement. Don't count on other folks being as
reasonable and fair minded as you, and don't count on their good will. If
they're good people, great but if not, you could be left holding the bag.
Also, watch out for those country bumpkin types because they just might
surprise you, as I learned, much to my chagrin.


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>For anyone in Southern California (specifically Ventura area): I made a
>contact with an eBay-only reseller (mostly test equipment) who
>occasionally picks up old computer junk. Up until now, he usually scraps

>pounds of gear alone, but we do what we must. It could work out well; he
>was complaining about his shortage of time/labor, and at the same time
>basically saying that all of the computer stuff he has is worth almost
>nothing to him...

I've done this in the past, and my suggestion is to do it gradually, ie
don't drive up and work your tail off all weekend then see how the reward
side of it goes. I would attempt to cut a CLEAR deal up front, what it is
you will do, and how much you will pay for "anything" you find in the pile.
What I very much dislike is the practice among scrappers that once your
find and ID an item then the price rises like bubbles in soda. Offering
labor until you are sick of it, and x cents per pound, is the prudent path.
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