CDrom and SunStation 330

From: Chris Kennedy <>
Date: Sat Apr 1 15:09:35 2000 wrote:

> I ran accross a reference in the newsgroups that indicates the Toshiba
> 3701b cdrom drive can be run on a sun box with the change of a single
> jumper but what jumper.

I've no ideal; all of my "Sun" CDROM drives are Toshiba but other than
a factory test jumper and the ID jumpers there's nothing to suggest that
they have hardware-selected block sizes.

> Also, this drive's id jumpers are labeled
> id1,id2,id4 instead of the normal convention. How should I configure id6.

Um that *is* the normal convention -- address bitweights. 2 + 4 = 6 :-)

> I am trying to boot Solaris 7 for sparc on a sparcstation 330 which does
> not have the 'new' command prompt - only the old monitor.

I doubt it's going to work. 2.7 (aka 5.7 aka Solaris 7) was supposed
to have dropped support for all VME machines save for the 660MP
(which then got ditched by 2.8 [aka 5.8 aka Solairs 8 -- pick your
marketing convention]).

You might try 2.6; certainly 2.5.1 plus a ton of patches should work.

Chris Kennedy
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