CDrom and SunStation 330

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sat Apr 1 16:01:47 2000

On Apr 1, 13:09, Chris Kennedy wrote:
> wrote:
> > I ran accross a reference in the newsgroups that indicates the Toshiba
> > 3701b cdrom drive can be run on a sun box with the change of a single
> > jumper but what jumper.
> I've no ideal; all of my "Sun" CDROM drives are Toshiba but other than
> a factory test jumper and the ID jumpers there's nothing to suggest that
> they have hardware-selected block sizes.

Early Suns need the drive to be set for 512-byte blocks; later Sun boot
PROMs can issue the appropriate mode-select command if they detect the
drive is set to 2048-byte blocks.

XM3301 and XM3401 have two pairs of pads on the PCB near the jumper block;
these are normally both closed (bridged by a thin track) on drives sold for
the PC market, but both open for Suns. The pads are small semicircles,
labelled 0 and 1.

There's a very similar set of pads on an XM3601, but they don't change the
blocksize, at least not with standard Toshiba firmware. I don't know about
a 3701, as I don't have one.

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