Mailing list archives? Questions...

From: Clint Wolff <>
Date: Sun Apr 2 17:10:20 2000

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for asking... I think you should have a single archive with
the Email addresses erased. If I find an old message, and want to
converse with that person, I can ask on the list for contact
information. If he (or she :) isn't on list anymore, they probably
aren't involved with good computers anymore...

Just my opinion... With that and 2 cents you can buy a '286 PC...


On Sun, 2 Apr 2000, Aaron Christopher Finney wrote:

> Hi all,
> I know that Kevan posted that he's working on getting his archives back
> up, but a question in the meantime...
> I've been thinking of making a new archive of the list available at
> (starting with this month); any comments/concerns/advice?
> Do I have to get anyone's explicit permission to do this?
> Lastly, assuming I go through with this, would people prefer that I set
> Mhonarc to obfuscate everyone's email addresses? The benefit, of course,
> is that a spammer's address crawler couldn't pick up everyone's addresses
> from the page like they do on newsgroups; the drawback is that people
> wouldn't be able to directly contact the authors.
> If the general feeling is that you'd rather the addresses be hidden,
> perhaps I could create two private for classiccmp list
> members to search the archives *with* addresses, and one public with the
> obfuscated addresses.
> As usual, any imput at all would be appreciated.
> Cheers,
> Aaron
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