Santee swap serendipity

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sun Apr 2 23:47:10 2000

Well, back to the saga of the Timex Sinclair 1000.

Thanks to Tony et al, I looked at the power supplies in my goodies box and
found that, of all things, the Atari 2600 one matches the specs -- maybe.
When I plug it in, it pumps out RF and even with it unplugged from the TV
I can see EM interference, so something inside must be working. However,
it won't make a picture! Augh! Suggestions to check? This is a slide
switchbox it's connected to, and the setup works for the 2600 and the Inty,
so I guarantee you it's not the TV hookup.

As for the NEC 8201A, I found a whole mess of stuff online, and got
it a power supply and new batteries. Lovely thing -- it has almost
replaced my Tandy PC-4 for favourite portable, but the PC-4 still
wins on cutesy points. :-)

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