Mailing list archives? Questions...

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Sun Apr 2 20:27:24 2000

On Apr 2, 13:32, Aaron Christopher Finney wrote:

> I've been thinking of making a new archive of the list available at
> (starting with this month); any comments/concerns/advice?

I think that's a good idea. I miss the archive.

> Lastly, assuming I go through with this, would people prefer that I set
> Mhonarc to obfuscate everyone's email addresses?

I'd prefer mine to be obscured in some way, though I don't mind if it's not
completely obliterated. If it prevents the more simplistic
address-gatherers from reading it, that would be sufficient as far as I'm

> perhaps I could create two private for classiccmp list
> members to search the archives *with* addresses, and one public with the
> obfuscated addresses.

Sounds like a lot of extra storage :-) I'd just go for one, possibly with
munged addresses.

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