Research Machines Link 480Z )380Z ^IEEE)

Date: Mon Apr 3 09:44:29 2000

>> Please feel free to say 'impossible' - my knowledge of electronics

> I was rather covering my own back when some clueful person points
> out that it is possible to make a GPIB interface using those chips
> (althoughI still can't see how ;-))

>> at this level is minimal.

> I wasn't trying to 'get at you' and I apologise if I gave that
> impression.

I didn't think you were 'getting at me'; looking back I should have
put a few :-) :-) in my reply!

> I am firstly trying to find out what all the options for the 380Z
> really were -- my machine is rather cut down, and contains :

> Z80 CPU (with 32K RAM)
> 40 column VDU
> RAM expansion (32K)
> Hires graphics
> Floppy controller
> Terminator

I'm going to have to dig my other 380Z out and record what's in that.

> Secondly I wanted to warn you against connected PET or HP
> peripherals here, as the results would probably not be good for
> either the 380Z or the peripheral.

I do have the standard PET IEEE peripherals, thanks for the warning.

> It would be interesting to figure out just what it does. Feel like
> a morning with the TTL databook and a continuity tester? :-).

When I get the time, I'll do this. I also thought I could scan or
photograph/scan the board and e-mail you a tiff/jpeg

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