Santee swap serendipity

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Mon Apr 3 15:09:59 2000

::Well, as ever I'd start by checking the power supply lines. Open up the
::Sinclair and look for +5V on the output of the 7805 regulator (the large
::heatsink is grounded IIRC). Or look for it on the power pins of the ROM
::or RAMs (standard corner-pin power connections). You mains adapter may
::not be able to provide sufficient current, so the 5V line may be too low

Problem -- this thing is impossible to open! I only found two screws on
the bottom and that seems to open only half -- the other side is quite
stuck and I don't want to break the case. Where are the remaining things
keeping the case closed?

::After that, I'd assume that the computer is working to some extent. Are
::you sure this is the US version, outputing 525 lines on VHF channel 3 (or
::4?) ? Have you tried retuning the TV to the other of those 2 channels?

Yup, and nothing.

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