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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Mon Apr 3 14:13:44 2000

--- Ethan Dicks <> wrote:
> --- Mike Ford <> wrote:
> > >> > > So... does anyone out there have a Mac "null-modem" cable...
> >
> > How is this cable different fromAAAIcAAACIAAAAiQAA
> Say what?!?
> -ethan

I don't know why this resurfaced (I didn't resend it myself), but since
it did, I can provide two follow-up comments on it...

1) The source of the garbage appears to be Yahoo Mail! corrupting
random messages in my inboxes. As stuff moves in, I sort it into
several categories. I'll read a message one minute, then when new
stuff comes in, a formerly legible message garbles in the middle and
the end is a message that I had previously deleted. I am now in the
process of emptying all of my archival messages from Yahoo before I
contact their tech support, lest their "helpful" and "qualified"
individuals wipe my mailboxes from the face of the earth in an attempt
to root out the cause of the corruption.

2) I did finally get a working cable for my QuickTake 150 and MacIIci.
Thanks to all who provided information and advice. It's not a great
camera, but for $35, it's a camera I've used before and it's better than


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