One of only 3 "enigma machine" stolen; A piece of ENIAC was up for auction.

From: John Allain <>
Date: Mon Apr 3 17:16:17 2000

> An Enigma machine used by the Nazis to send coded messages during World
> Two, has been stolen from the code-cracking Station X at Bletchley Park,
> Buckinghamshire. The machine, worth about ?100,000, is one of only three
> the world. It was brought to the UK after the war.

> I bet it was somebody on this list who grabbed it! Fess up! ;-)

FYI, and I haven't read through all of this tread yet, ...
     There is someone who actually brought a near replica
     to the MIT swap meet a couple of years ago.
     I was lucky enough to see it, open the doors, push a
     key, etc.

   Turns out that the base machine was produced by someone
   in Europe (the Swiss?) for Years before the war. There
   were supposedly thousands (hundreds?) produced for use
   outside that of the military. The thing that made the Nazi's
   Unique was the rotor wiring (again, i'm just catching up
   if this was posted already, Hans?).
   The MIT Flea machine was I think in the $2000 range,
   but memory fades. You can see a lot of good pictures of
   for sale one at:
      'Tom Perera - W1TP'
   but he says it's been sold by now.

   First impressions on seeing such a thing >For Sale< are
   thrilling, but be warned that Enigma looking things
   need not be Enigmas of folklore, esp. w/o the rotors.

John A.
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