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Date: Mon Apr 3 21:27:15 2000

>There is a rack of mystery DEC equipment, lots of green G series
>boards, etc. At the top of the rack is an array of lights, and
>I found a plastic panel that obviously was supposed to be over those
>lights. I've taken a photo of the panel, hopefully someone can
>identify it for me. Other stuff in the rack is on wirewrap backplanes,
>and the flip chips are plugged in from the bottom, i'm guessing this
>stuff goes with the 8/L cpu.

Seeing as how there's 7 lights for track address bits on the panel
(implying up to 128 tracks) and there's a big sticker saying "DF:"
on the bottom, I'm going to hazard a guess that this is a status
panel for a RF08 or RF11 disk controller.

I'm leaning towards RF11, as the data width on the panel appears to be
16 bits. (Maybe the same panel was used on both the RF11 and RF08... I

The RF11 runs the RS11 fixed-head disk, 128 cylinders * 8 blocks per
cylinder for 1024 512-byte blocks in total. The capacity in
12-bit-word mode is likely different.

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