One of only 3 "enigma machine" stolen; A piece of ENIAC was up for auction.

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Tue Apr 4 09:04:28 2000

   A note to the 'Enigma' thread: I have a book in my library called
"The Enigma War" subtitled 'The inside story of the German Enigma
codes and how the Allies broke them' by Jozef Garlinski, [Charles
Scribner's Sons, New York 1979].

  Garlinski was a Polish General, and writes the book from that
viewpoint. I got it mainly for the many plates and drawings of the
various machines, as well as a few shots of Bletchly Park and
Colossus I have not seen elsewhere. The devices covered go from the
1400's (not a typo) to a photo of something called an MC-750 which
looks like 70's - 80s vintage.

  I read this a while ago and seemed like a lot of Polo-centric
ranting, but this thread has cast the text in a different light. I
would recommend using one of the various used book finding web
services... it was reprinted a bunch of times so there's likely to
be quite a few out there.

   Very cool pictures, BTW, and a schematic of a three-wheel Enigma.


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