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From: Peter Pachla <>
Date: Mon Apr 3 22:25:23 2000

Hi Tony,

  <"Phono" plugs>
> Yep, very common for audio over here....

Also surprisingly common on domestic video equipment - I've seen a number of
machines (Video8 and S-VHS) where the manufacturers have used a pair of
phono jacks for L/R audio and a third for composite video.

>....although we also use DIN plugs on consumer-grade stuff....

Thankfully they seem to have gradually fallen out of favour in recent years,
I *HATE* wiring the damn things up!

>....Or 'UHF' connectors (our name for the PL259/SO239 connectors)....

I've always thought calling those things "UHF" connectors is somewhat
ridiculous - after all, they're only good to 200MHz or so which is hardly
UHF territory.

> Older video equipment may have used DIN connectors for audio and

Quite so. Many, if not all, of the JVC VCRs which Ferguson produced under
licence as "Videostar" machines had the usual BNC/SCART sockets replaced
with DIN sockets. :-(

  TTFN - Pete.

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