Santee swap serendipity

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Tue Apr 4 17:47:06 2000

At 09:38 PM 4/4/00 +0100, you wrote:
\>> Carefully peel up the rubber "feet" on the half which refuses to open, you
>> should find a couple of screws hiding under them.
>A lot of manufacturers did this. It provides a way of making the unit
>difficult to open for the general user and since the feet don't normally
>stick back too well, it provides evidence that someone has been inside.
>HP did this on their calculators (HP41, HP71, HP74 and peripherals), for

Yes, although at least on the 71B the feet stick back amazingly well;
I should know, I have opened my original 71B (I bought it *new*, at
US$525 back in '85) quite a few times in these 15 years, for repairs
and mods; the feet are still holding. Of course, I've always been careful
not to touch or soil the adhesive in any way.

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