VAX 11/730 available

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Tue Apr 4 17:26:13 2000

--- Lawrence LeMay <> wrote:
> There is a VAX 11/730 available in Minneapolis. Obviously i'm not shipping
> it, or having anything to do with it. if you want it, and can come tpick it
> up in minneapolis, i can put you in contact with the person who has it.
> Otherwise, i will of course attempt to grab any useful boards and such
> before it goes to the recyclers. At that time, i would then post what
> is available to the list.

Which style is it? One style has disks above and below the CPU (11/730-Z?),
the other has the CPU in something that's more like a BA-11 with the TU-58
at the top of the rack. I have one of the ultra-cramped ones with the CPU
in the middle. I don't have one with the CPU at the top.


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