installing OpenVMS

From: Roger Ivie <>
Date: Wed Apr 5 11:20:26 2000

>over tcp/ip . When it is done extracting those packages, I
>understand that it is going to ask me about passwords and
>about SCSNODE and SCSSYSTEMID. Can someone explain

I haven't played with DECnet Plus, so I'm not aware of any requirements
it may make on SCSSYSTEMID.

SCSSYSTEMID is used to differentiate systems in a cluster. If you're not
clustering your machine, you shouldn't have to worry about it too much.
If you are in a cluster, the SCSSYTEMID needs to be related to the
DECnet IV node number. Basically, SCSSYSTEMID = ( DECnet area * 1024 ) +
DECnet node. So if you've told DECnet IV that you're node 51.10, you'll need
to set SCSSYSTEMID to (51 * 1024) + 10 = 52234.

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