Working on my NIC-80 / NIC-1080

From: Dwight Elvey <>
Date: Wed Apr 5 19:49:53 2000

 I've made a lot of progress on my old Nicolet machine
but I've come to a wall. I've found code to run the
original hard disk system ( called DEMON II ) but
I have a floppy based system and need DEMON/F.
If anyone knows where there might be one of these
machines, let me know.
( I've already gotten all the stuff Sellam Ismail has. )
If any of you are going to a college or university,
please check your physics department. These were used
as data processors for NMR spectrometers.
 I had hoped that the code was still in the core memory
but inspection has shown that the code there is not
what I'm looking for.
 Please help
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