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From: Bruce Lane <kyrrin_at_bluefeathertech.com>
Date: Thu Apr 6 07:59:37 2000

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>Bruce Lane wrote:
>> I'll have you know, sir, that much of that "antiquated technology" is
>> driving my intranet, and I'm darn proud to have it! I trust the MicroVAX
>> III's and SPARC IPX's I have a lot more than I do much of the "commodity"
>> PeeCee hardware that's flooded the market.
>Wait a minute, you're running part of your Intranet on *non-DEC* gear? What
>is the matter with you? All the servers on mine are DEC!

        <g> Case of availability, Zane. I literally didn't have enough DEC boxen
to do the job. That, and the Suns were cheap.

>Um, hate to nit-pick, but I'd like to see an old DEC box with over a hundred
>users when it's only got 64K of RAM :^)

        Well, I -was- referring to the base operating system. ;-) RSTS/E 7.x
loaded nicely, with its libraries, in about 56K. The machine itself was an
11/34A with 128KWord (256KByte) total.

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