OT: TFT interface

From: Bill Sudbrink <bill_at_chipware.com>
Date: Thu Apr 6 09:28:49 2000

Sorry for the off-topic post, but this is the best
technical resource there is. Anyway, my company
recently had an IBM Thinkpad 770 go dead. It was
sent for repair and was finally deemed "cheeper to
replace than repair". My office is the official
company electronics/computer dumpster, so it ended
up here. The note stuck to it by the repair place
says "dead motherboard". I have dissassembled it
and now have a nice 15" TFT panel. Now to the
question: What is the interface to this thing?
There are 14 wires going into it. Two are pretty
obviously power for the backlight. They are at
the bottom of the panel and were attached next to
the slide pot that controlled the display brightness.
The other 12 are attached to a connector in about
the center of the panel. The IBM part number is

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