iOpener Update

From: Eros, Anthony <>
Date: Thu Apr 6 09:31:08 2000

I'm getting closer! When I see the splash screen, I hit TAB and saw the
following Award BIOS startup screen:

        Award Modular BIOS V4.51PG
        Copyright (C) 1984-99, Award Software, Inc.


        IDT WinChip C6 CPU at 200MHz
        Memory Test : 30720 + 2048K shared memory

        Award Plug and Play BIOS Extension v1.0A
        Copyright (C) 1999, Award Software, Inc.
            Suggested SDRAM CAS Latency Time is " 2 "
            Detecting IDE Primary Master ... None
            Detecting IDE Primary Slave ... SunDisk SDTB-128

        Your i-opener is undergoing a necessary update. This may
        take 30 minutes or more. If for some reason the service
        is not working correctly within an hour, please contact
        Technical Support at 1-800-298-9525 to report the problem.

        Press DEL to enter SETUP

When I hit CTRL-ALT-HOME, I get a "login:" prompt. The HOME,4 combo doesn't
get me a root prompt.

So close, and yet so far!! :-)

-- Tony

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> On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 04:23:10PM -0500, Eros, Anthony wrote:
> > Has anyone else seen this? The only thing I get when I power up my
> iOpener
> > is a screen that says "Welcome! i-opener Out of the box. In the
> outlets. On
> > the counter. Nothin' but 'Net!" Nothing else. No other screens, or
> startup
> > messages. Control-alt-home, or home-4 do nothing.
> Press TAB as soon as you see this screen. It will switch to text mode
> and give you the usual Award BIOS startup screen. It will say press Del
> for setup, that's wrong, you need Ctrl/Alt/Esc, so you'll need to put on a
> keyboard that has an Esc key.
> John Wilson
> D Bit
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