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Date: Thu Apr 6 09:43:27 2000

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, John Foust wrote:

> At 10:20 PM 4/5/00 -0600, Richard Erlacher wrote:
> >If you want to dog somebody, the go after DEC, (God be thanked that they're
> >gone!) with their antiquated technology always a generation behind everyone
> >else and with their ridiculous prices.
> I heard that DEC is making PCs and laptops these days that come bundled
> with Windows.
> - John

Better yet... and on topic.

DIX eithernet. DIX stands for the DEC, Xerox, Intel and the standard for
10B5 fatwire is 1970s. Guess that was backward thinking.

DEC internal by 1983 had the second largest WAN only exceeded by Dupont
(DEC customer then). In 1983 I could send Email and files to Oz and
Europe directly.

So what if the VAX was the first 32bit superminicomputer or that Microvax
was the first production 32bit CISC micro around and one hell of a lot
faster than the 386.

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